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>> Thursday, July 8, 2010

Inception is the Latest Movie of 2010 that produced by Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas. It is a science fiction with action and Thriller Film that going to be show in theaters nationwide on July 16, 2010. The Movie was also directed by Christopher Nolan by the written of Him also with Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard. The Film was Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and studio in Legendary Pictures and Syncopy Films with the budget of 200 million dollars by the Cinematography o Wally Pfister.


Leonardo DiCaprio as a skilled thief or a man who specializes in subconscious security, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the Point Man or the researcher o the team's target, Ellen Page as Ariadne an Architect and a college graduate student who constructs the world o the dream, Tom Hardy as Eames or the forger that impersonate the target in dream of world, Marion Cotillard as Mallorie Cobb a shade and Dom Cobb's wife, Cillian Murphy as Robert Fischer Jr. a Mark and Dom's client, Ken Watanabe as Saito a tourist who employs Cobb, Tom Berenger as Browning, Dileep Rao as Yusuf a chemist that formulates the drugs needed to enter the dream world, Pete Postlethwaite as Maurice Fischer, Lucas Haas as Nash, Michael Caine as Miles the mentor and teacher of Dom Cobb, Josh McFarland as Paulson, Tim Kelleher as the thin man and Talulah Riley as Blonde.

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